Jake is a committed storyteller who strives to bring images to life across narrative, commercial and documentary films. Ready for any place a  project might take him, Jake has worked in Chengdu, Sao Paulo, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Seoul, Kathmandu and more.  Jake recently earned an MFA in cinematography at The American Film Institute.

Jake has lensed several acclaimed short films including “Topography of a Hotel” (Slamdance), “Weathering” (Provincetown Film Fest) and "Apsis" (Kino der Kunst Festival, Munich) as well as two feature films "Up the River" (Sun Valley Film Festival) and "Naz + Maalik" (South By Southwest). His work can also be seen in Crystal Moselle's "The Wolfpack".

Jake's clients/ brands/collaborators include Another Magazine, Nowness, Lindsay Thornburg, W Magazine, Vice, Rick Owens, Levi's, Huck Magazine, Columbia Records, Penguin, Mexican Summer and Ghost Robot.